Buckle Product Recall


Sabelt, the leader in the field of child safety and the leading manufacturer of seatbelts and safety buckles, has discovered that a specific model of buckle may have a manufacturing defect, which could compromise its safety. 

As one of the car seat manufacturers involved, Chicco has used this model of buckle on its Chicco Auto-Fix and Chicco Synthesis car seats, which are sold individually or as part of the Trio Living travel system, S3, Scoop, Tour 4.

Chicco has not received any reports of defects in its own products on the market; however, in view of the company's mission, it is asking customers who have purchased these two models of car seat, Chicco Auto-Fix and Chicco Synthesis, to follow the instructions below in order to see whether your product is affected by the recall campaign.


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Check which buckle is installed on your product, and select it:

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In order to identify the product correctly, we would ask you to locate the orange approval label on the seat and to fill in the fields shown.

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Your product is not affected by the recall campaign.

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