Physio Active Teat: Dentists' Opinion

In 2014 a survey was conducted in collaboration with SIDO - the Italian Orthodontics Society. It involved 321 dentists who expressed their opinion about soothers and specifically the Physio teat and their effect on mouth development.


The Physio Teat, recommended by dentists:

Dentists believe that it is important to favour the action of the tongue for the correct development of the palate. For this reason, 88.8% considers the Physio teat to be effective or very effective and 79.4% would recommend it.


85% of dentists consider the soother to be positive or not harmful to the development of the mouth if used correctly for a period of less than 3 years.


98.5% consider that the tongue plays a major role and is among the most important if not the most important factor in the proper development of the palate


93.5% state that it is important or very important for a soother not to hinder the function of the tongue on the palate.


88.8% consider that the Physio teat is effective or very effective as an aid for non-nutritive sucking 


79.4% would recommend the Chicco Physio teat


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