Quality - Our vision of excellence

Quality and safety are our promise and the reason we put great care and effort into our work every day. We work to meet and exceed the strictest standards throughout the product design, development, and production phases and by continuously providing support after the purchase. We promote and actively participate in the development of future regulatory standards pertaining to quality and safety, fostering responsible innovation.


Reliable products

We strive for quality, safety and innovation in everything we do.

Cutting-edge tools and techniques are adopted to design and test our products for safety. One example is our Crash Test lab, which is dedicated to car seat development and control and is equipped with the newest and best technology ensuring that we can analyse every aspect in the greatest detail.



The feedback we receive is a precious resource that allows us to offer ever-improving solutions that meet the expectations of the parents of today and of tomorrow. For this reason we always keep the communication lines between you and us open and transparent. Even when safety issues arise with products already on the market, transparency and a rapid response remain foundational to our relationship with you.